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Don Metz maintains a small, selective practice in Lyme, NH, concentrating on challenging residential projects

Don Metz's new book
More Than a Race

is now available


An informative, concisely-written, insider's look at United4Health's remarkable team of four 70-year-olds' 2012 record-breaking triumph over the world's toughest bicycle race, the RAAM, the Race Across America.


The Compact House Book

The Compact House Book.

These 33 prizewinning designs in the Garden Way Compact Home Design Competition prove that houses with 1,000 or fewer square feet of floor space can be imaginative, comfortable, inviting places to live.

Here are homes for the suburbs and rural areas; for Canada, the West Coast, the South, and many other sections of the country. There are homes for lakefront settings, for the mountains, and for more conventional building lots.

There’s a wealth of information on each house design, including basic construction cost estimates, floor plans, cross sections and wall section details.

Merits of the designs include passive solar, greenhouses, cost-effective building techniques, insulation tips, and space-saving strategies.