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Don Metz's new book
More Than a Race

is now available


An informative, concisely-written, insider's look at United4Health's remarkable team of four 70-year-olds' 2012 record-breaking triumph over the world's toughest bicycle race, the RAAM, the Race Across America.

More Than a Race

More Than a Race book - RAAM More Than a Race is about the notorious Race Across America (the RAAM) known as the world's toughest bicycle race. The story tracks a four-man team of septuagenarians who proved that age is no obstacle to superlative performance. Adding to the narrative are the voices of families and crew members, whose perspectives on the racers and crew dynamics enrich the account. Leaving Oceanside CA on June 12, 2012, the team and their hard-working support crew of 15 raced to Annapolis MD in 6 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, at an average of 19.04 mph. They not only broke the 70+ record by 27 hours, but also bested the 60+ record by more than 3 hours.

Sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, the team overcame more than its share of obstacles, including 100-degree desert heat, a hospitalization, fierce Kansas winds, a bike dropped at high speed onto a highway in Illinois, and the final agony of the Appalachian Mountains. More Than a Race is a must-read for all cyclists and armchair adventurers alike.


"Climbers have Mt. Everest, sailors round-the-world races, runners their ultra-marathons. For cyclists, the ultimate endurance event is the Race Across America (RAAM). More Than A Race is a team portrait of four unlikely friends confronting RAAM's nonstop, coast-to-coast challenge. A thrilling crash course in RAAM lore, road-race savvy and state-of-the-art cycle tech, Metz's memoir celebrates selfless teamwork, solitary agonies and the stubborn willingness that smashes records.

––William Craig, journalist, educator, author of
Yankee Come Home: from San Juan Hill to Guantanamo

“Readers of all tastes and cyclists of all abilities will marvel at what this team of grandfathers and their incredible crew tolerated and overcame during the epic 2012 RAAM. More Than a Race is a testimony to the qualities of resourcefulness within the human spirit and the extended boundaries of physical capabilities. Astutely written with careful research, humor and empathy, this book will surprise and delight - guaranteed!”

Lou Chapple

“More Than a Race follows 4 elite cyclists and their support crew of 15 across the country in 6 days and 13 hours. The huge efforts to ensure that everything will go right is pitted against the likelihood that something is bound to go wrong -- a constant concern for everyone involved. Tensions rise and fall and unforeseen emergencies come calling, but the team doggedly endures and triumphs over (almost) every adversity. If you've ever been tempted to ride the RAAM -- watch it unfold from a safe distance or are looking for a good read about the nature of human endurance -- More Than a Race is for you.”

Aliie Farrar